What Is Early Bitcoin Investor, Jeffrey Wernick Up To Nowadays?

Menajem Benchimol
May 3, 2018 · 2 min read
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They say good investors can catch one wave in their lifetime that will set them up for life. Better investors are able to constantly invest in the future before anyone knows its worth it to be even considered. Early bitcoin investors such as Tim Draper and Jeffrey Wernick have been successful in betting in favor of startups and cryptocurrencies before their mass success. They were rewarded heavily due to their visionary venture.

Jeffrey Wenick began trading options and future while a student at the University of Chicago before moving on to Salomon Brothers and the National Bank of Detroit, where he was its youngest senior officer. He then founded a technology-focused venture capital firm and hedge fund to help distressed and bankrupt companies. He is also an angel investor and focused mostly on sharing economy, the blockchain, and biomedical startups. His most famous investments in startups have been Bitcoin, Uber, and Airbnb.

As an early bitcoin investor, he has been involved in the blockchain community for a while and now acts as an advisor for Qtum, a blockchain application platform.

He is an avid believer of building blockchain communities and is in regular attendance and acts as a speaker at blockchain conferences. The next blockchain festival he will attend as a VIP speaker will be held in Vietnam late May hosted by Kyber Networks and Huobi.

What makes this festival unique is the free tickets distributed to students, and affordability for regular attendees compared to Consensus and Ethereal summit in NYC. Hosting the event in Vietnam shows how committed the sponsors are to collaborate with the areas in the world that could benefit from the blockchain the most.

Jeffrey has set his focus to finding value in the blockchain industry, a topic he will discuss during the festival. There are so many uses for the blockchain but how can people find value in a technology they don’t understand? Hopefully, he will address this issue.

My solution for finding value in the blockchain industry is with education, and helping understands the potentials this technological advancement has. LATAM Blockchain Group is helping the Spanish community understand the potentials of the blockchain with educational courses in partnership with Blockchain at Berkeley.

By Menajem Benchimol.

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