Benchmark is the answer to the volatile cryptocurrency market

The burgeoning cryptocurrency market has certainly identified the immense demand for this alternative economy. However, in recent months the slowdown in the markets compared to the dramatic growth over the past few years has showcased the volatility of certain popular tokens. Therefore, despite an immense desire and need by people across the world to participate in crypto we’re noticing that the fluctuating nature of Bitcoin acts as a deterrent to the entire market. That’s why it is so important for crypto participants to investigate and research cryptocurrency options with far less volatility and more promising and sustainable business models, such as Benchmark.

There are several reasons that solidify the sustainability and growth of the Benchmark Venture Token and makes it a more attractive and viable cryptocurrency option. Benchmark is a utility token that creates the opportunity for participation in a Hedge Fund, Several Trading Platforms and projects that are supported by underlying value in the form of assets whereas Bitcoin has no underlying assets to support its value. There is limited volatility in the Benchmark price due to guaranteed liquidity support through a Hedge Fund and specific trade mechanism.

Benchmark is the perfect marriage between the traditional economy and the establishment of the new economy. We’re able to build a foundation for the alternative economy as the Benchmark token can be used as a means to gain access to profitable opportunities in Fintech and green technologies, as well as opportunities to participate in the Benchmark Hedge Fund and the Benchmark Decentralized Trading Exchange. In contrast, Bitcoin can only be used as an exchange medium with its value determined by market forces and uncertainty. No hedge against inflation, which is one of the major deterring factors for the modern investor, as they are informed and have the ability to track and monitor markets from an analytical perspective.

The beauty of cryptocurrency is that everyone, from the man on the street to the large investor, has complete ownership of their investment choices. It is not like investing in traditional low-return long and short-term investment options that are totally susceptible to market fluctuations. That is why the returns for Benchmark participants are so promising; Return depends on increases in the value of underlying assets, cash flow derived from assets and investment activities in those instances where the holder may participate in a given project on the specific terms of that specific project and on the market price.

Traditional economies continue to create great disparities between communities, especially in emerging markets, as the access to investment options is minimal. Even in the most developed nations the ability to navigate the stock market or have enough expendable income left after the ever-rising cost of living to invest in traditional offshore funds or retirement annuities is very low.

That is one of the main reasons the crypto market is evolving rapidly and presenting the people with better and more sustainable options. It is so with any cyclical, newly established economic force. We’ve been analysing these cycles for many decades and the demand for hedged tokens with less volatility is going to increase. That is why we established the Benchmark Venture Token, to present the ever growing and informed market with a token that changes the face of crypto.

Denis Quayle
Benchmark Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder