Moving Forward with Benchmark after the Token Sale

The past year has been an exciting time for the Benchmark International team and our stakeholders. As a Project driven business, we’ve gained a lot of interest from investors globally. In addition, our participation in several international conferences attracted the interest of many large investors and we developed key relationships with strategic individuals and businesses across the world.

During the token sale period, we established the Benchmark Stokvel ‘Investment Club’ which is the precursor to our hedge fund. In addition, Benchmark Recycling forged an approach, skill set and structure to establish a base in the Material Recycling and Energy from Waste area.

Of great importance, is the fact that Benchmark Recycling is now positioned to disrupt the global energy from waste industry, with the ability to convert almost all forms of waste into gas, heat, steam, electricity and liquid fuels. Their technology is proven and is scalable to suit small businesses as well as large industry. Imagine a factory where no waste leaves the premises and they provide their own power.

Negotiations are underway to finalise a number of energy from waste projects, as well as the first property transaction which will form the base of the Benchmark REIT.

All of this adds substance to the Benchmark Token and forms the basis of our strategic project development plan, aimed at sustainable growth. While these negotiations are in progress, Benchmark is working with and a number of other exchanges to list their token with final listing taking place not earlier than 1st May 2019.

The Benchmark Token sale period came to an end on 29 January 2019. It is important to note that tokens will be distributed as soon as possible after that date.

We want to thank our investors and participants for your support during our sale period.

Of course, there will be regular updates on our progress.

Denis Quayle
Benchmark Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder