3–2–1: Launching a New Data Platform!

image credit: Confetti by ADoseofShipBoy via CC BY 2.0

Today is a special day for Spare5. We are announcing the launch of our Intelligent Crowdsourcing Platform. It took 18 months for us to earn this right. During that time, our team has worked hard to conceive, hire, design, build, test, improve, deliver, and scale.

Lots of thanks are in order; I’ll keep this to four. First and foremost, to our Spare5 team. We’ve got a special bunch. I’ve been fortunate to work on some amazing teams, and yet I’ve never been on one where the ratio of mad skills : ego is so off-the-charts. Second, to our early adopters. Terrific people at serious companies have placed a bet on Spare5, seeking to be at the cutting edge. So thanks, too, to the good folks at our customers, including Avvo, Expedia, Getty Images, GoPro, IBM, iSpot.tv, Pinterest, Sentient Technologies, and others. Rest assured we never stop working for you.

Third, to our investors at The Foundry Group, Madrona Venture Group, and New Enterprise Associates, and to our predecessors at Madrona’s Venture Labs. And, not least, to our awesome and growing community of users, whom we lovingly call our “Fives.” Your spare time and knowledge are solving large, hard data problems for companies that need to train their models, clean their metadata, and improve their search, browse and organic traffic.

Anybody who’s ever worked in technology knows this feeling. 99% of your days, you crank hard, and 1% of the days, you pop the cork and unveil something new that you’ll tell your grandchildren about. Occasionally, it’s literally a dramatic moment. Back in the day, I was lucky enough to work on, and then attend, the launch of the first module for the International Space Station. Today, Spare5 is launching our platform. There are no literal flames, because, to be fair, we’re operating and continuously improving Intelligent Crowdsourcing 24x7. But it sure feels like we’re standing on the launch pad for something special.

Kazakhstan, November 1998 Product Launch: The International Space Station’s First Module (Yep, I was that nerdy. I wore a belt pouch for a camera with no modem.)
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