Celebrating my one year workiversary with a new coat of paint

It’s been well over a year since I made the decision to set up my own design studio. Years ahead of when I’d actually planned on making the move, the stars had aligned and it felt like the time may never be better.

Celebrating my first year as a freelance designer

Time has been tight over the last year, bottom of the to-list, nagging away at the back of my head has been the need to update my branding and website. The website design was last touched in 2014 and the branding dated back to 2009. Clients come first though and it’s always the personal stuff that gets…

Thoughts on the Juventus Re-brand.

A wise man once said “Your customers will hate your re-brand”. People don’t tend to take well to change and re-brands generally seem to split people down the middle. We’ve become a generation of binary opinions, something is either great or the worst ever, this is no more exaggerated than when it comes to football and football fans in particular. New signings are written off after a few games, ‘world class’ reputations forged in weeks and managers fired after mere dips in form. There’s no middle ground when it comes to football fan opinions.

New Juventus logo.

I like the new Juve logo…

Some thoughts from a Designer.

I’ve found myself re-tweeting and quoting a lot of things I identify with this morning which made me think perhaps I should contribute myself.

This time last year myself and a colleague put on an exhibition to raise money and awareness for Manchester Mind. This is pretty much as far out of my comfort zone I’ve ever been, meeting new people you’re desperate to impress and having people who’ve spent their hard earned cash on something you’re responsible for is a nightmare for anyone who suffers from any sort of social anxiety.

I couldn’t be more proud of what we…

Some thoughts and challenges from the project

Earlier this year I was approached with my dream brief, to re-brand a football club. 1874 Northwich are a fan owned, community focused club that play in the premier division of the North West Counties Football League. Formed by disillusioned fans of Northwich Victoria they are run by a committed group of supporters and rely on this army of dedicated volunteers in order to survive.

The brief delivered was clear in the club’s aims, to position themselves as a modern football club without forgetting the spirit and beliefs of the original team formed back in 1874. …

Cult classic returns for a new generation

The very fact that ITV’s new children's show, aimed at 4–11 year olds, is currently featuring heavily in national newspapers, websites and TV platforms shows we’re not dealing with just any old programme re-launch. This is Thunderbirds, a British classic up there with Doctor Who when it comes to the most popular sci-fi TV the country has ever produced.

Its popularity, and the fact that it was originally aired in the ‘60's poses a problem however. Reviewers, myself included, all harbour fond memories, connections and bias towards what is now referred to as “Classic Thunderbirds” The new series is almost…

Re-designing a classic

I’ve been waiting for ITV’s remake of my childhood favourite, Thunderbirds, since creator Gerry Anderson let slip the news on the BBC in 2008. It’s been a long wait.

The 2004 movie was so far wide of the mark it pains me even to mention it. In trying to re-imagine Thunderbirds for a new generation they stripped it of all its magic, Anderson himself revealed he was bitterly upset by not being involved in the picture, and expressed his disappointment in the end result when he finally got around to watching it on DVD.

The mess that was the 2004…

Bigger, Thinner, Better?

Big and Bigger.

I recently upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 6, my old iPhone 4S was suffering from severe battery issues which meant that more often than not it wouldn't remain charged for longer than half a day. The phone was otherwise in great condition and I’d have had no qualms about keeping it. Alas, the need (and temptation) became too great and I invested in Apple’s latest iteration.

I should outline early on that I’ve always been an admirer of Apple’s products, I’ve generally been of the opinion that they ‘just work’ and up until recently each has given me…

Giants Invade Liverpool

In 2008 I was working in Liverpool when Royal de Luxe brought their giant mechanical spider to Liverpool. I was lucky enough to find a good spot to witness the finalé, flames, fireworks, smoke and water as the spider disappeared down the Queensway Tunnel. I’d never seen anything like this, a city stopped in it’s tracks by giant machinery roaming down its streets for a weekend, the design of the machine and attention to detail which gave it character and lifelike movement were incredible. Having successfully pulled off another event in 2010 where a giant diver searched for his daughter…

July 2014

Paper Birds — Diana Beltran Herrera

Website (via Creative Boom)

These paper bird sculptures by Columbian artist Diana Beltran Herrera blow me away. The level of detail is incredible and opened my mind to what can be achieved with such a familiar medium. If one exists I’d be fascinated to watch a time lapse video of her completing a piece of work, though that may give away her secrets! Her early works page shows a little of the way she builds up each bird from a paper frame to finished sculpture with each individual feather patiently stuck in place. It’s great to be able to see…

Entering my first design contest

I have to hold my hands up. I’ve never been a great finisher of projects. I’ve got so many ideas floating around, I’m forever moving onto the next project, my computer and notepads are full of unfulfilled moments of inspiration.

Earlier this year I took a moment to focus and simplify some of those areas of ideas into things I could concentrate on, passions that I’d be motivated to take to a conclusion. Being a huge football fan, illustrating football based projects seemed a natural route to follow.

The Concept

To celebrate the World Cup the National Football Museum ran a “Design…

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