Giving myself a re-brand

Celebrating my one year workiversary with a new coat of paint

It’s been well over a year since I made the decision to set up my own design studio. Years ahead of when I’d actually planned on making the move, the stars had aligned and it felt like the time may never be better.

Celebrating my first year as a freelance designer

Time has been tight over the last year, bottom of the to-list, nagging away at the back of my head has been the need to update my branding and website. The website design was last touched in 2014 and the branding dated back to 2009. Clients come first though and it’s always the personal stuff that gets neglected. Finally though I’ve collated the back of receipt sketches, written down what’s been floating around my head and finally put cursor to screen.

I wanted the new logo to be simple, stripped back and easily identifiable amongst the sea of black and white monograms on Twitter and Instagram. After initial sketching I quickly steered away from anything that combined that combined the letters B and C, like my old logo, and instead became fixated on the letters being consecutive in the alphabet. I loved the idea of being able to write “aBCD” when talking about my own work.

As many creatives will know well, it’s easy to get obsessed with an idea and not see certain things staring you in the face. Namely in this case, the alphabet meant nothing in relation to my business. Discussing the idea with fellow creatives had led me to lay the letters out in a grid, though. (Thanks Laura Jane Boast!) Which ultimately led me to the simple solution that is my new branding.

The logo is led by the idea of design being the foundation that you build great businesses on. Design thinking and the question ‘why?’ should be at the forefront of all projects. The letter D acts as support to the much heavier letters B and C above. This then forms an upwards chevron shape, giving the logo forward direction. Design thinking is the first step at the base of any project that allows it to move in a positive direction and ensure success and stability.

Knowing I didn’t want black and white, but still needing a professional feel I opted for a splash of dark pink to highlight the word design and the letter D. I wanted my branding to retain character, even when stripped back to using just the web address when space is tight. Using this colour scheme enables my brand to remain identifiable, even when the logo isn’t present.

I’m really happy with the final results, a simple visual identity that reflects my design values and won’t age like my old logo. I’m looking forward to evolving the branding over time.