Can Pandora and Ticketfly Create Advertising that Works?

Photo by me.

I was hired to help The Paramount Center for the Arts with brand, web, sponsorships, and really anything I could do to jumpstart this amazing theatre downtown. I felt great about the prospects of a brand refresh and laying down some guidelines, amplifying social, etc. But when it came to the website, I was a little skeptical because I was to be the Creative Director and someone else would be actually pushing the pixels.

You see, Paramount Bristol (a new, easier to remember “shorthand” name), hired Ticketfly to handle their ticketing and as part of the deal, they would be providing a website that was integrated into their event management system.

Ticketly themselves just went through a re-brand. Not bad! ❤ purple…

I’ve just completed the whole on-boarding process, gotten to know a few folks over there and have a moment to look ahead and start to figure out how to push their platform to the limit and get the most bang for our buck.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Ticketfly team. Their software is pretty nice, especially on the ticketing side, but in terms of web content and our WordPress website, well, it was a little bumpy. They had to hire a third party firm to design and build our site and at the end they ran into some problems. Interestingly, this may be an opportunity for Camellia Digital because if Cam was involved on the implementation side, it would have been a breeze.

We’ll see about that later… but today I mainly wanted to mention something that Cam pointed out that I (shamefully) had no clue about.

Pandora bought Ticketfly for $450 million last October.

HEY, to be fair, no one at Ticketly has ever mentioned this.

As I’m poking around with their built-in marketing tools (as I expected, nothing is automagic in real life; you have to do the work if you want it done correctly), nowhere do I see a Pandora Button.

This is about to change.

Pandora and Ticketfly may be on to something and I can’t wait to buy it.

I’ve been using Pandora forever. In fact, I’m very proud of one of my stations called “Grrls” that has been carefully pruned such that no male vocalists appear (anymore. mostly.). This took literally years. Pandora is a great and beloved product, in spite of the terrible ads. I think Pandora fans have justifiably wrung their hands a bit wondering if the service can survive a hotly competitive market for streaming music.

That’s where Ticketfly comes to the rescue.

As far as I can glean, the plan is to advertise live music events to Pandora listeners that might interest them based on their preferences. For example, we just had Colin Hay of Men-at-Work fame perform at Paramount Bristol. Had the “Pandora Button” existed in Ticketfly, I could mash it, upload a 30-second (radio) spot, and POOF everyone within 100 miles who liked Colin Hay - or even similar artists - would start hearing my ad for the show!

It’s kind of genius. Perhaps the Pandora’s Box of venue marketing…
I have no idea who painted this. Google fails me.
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