That’s the Brady Bunch for ya

If you thought Tom Brady couldn’t give a bigger crap about what we think of him, his better half seems to have taken it up a notch.

Gisele Bündchen was spotted by paparazzi disguising herself by wearing a burqa on the way to a Parisian plastic surgery clinic in a bid to have work done on her boobs and her eyes.

Initially ignored, the models disguise was soon broken when the French paps recognized her long-time driver (Who didn’t follow the Brazilian models dress code, for anyone keeping score).

Besides the whole ‘not being Muslim thing’, what makes this story so bloody fantastic, is the one country the model chose to play dress-up in actually has a ‘Burqa Ban’ in place, and has done so since 2010.

Oh and it took place during the most holy month for Muslims, Ramadan.

Justifiably, the reaction among the Muslim community has been one of outrage. Many claim the model intentionally sought to disrespect Islam and should be punished.

Call me an asshole but maybe we should just call it even. I mean you’ve offended us on a few occasions in the past, so maybe don’t kick all the sand out’ve the sandbox — okay?

But seriously, what is it with this couple?

First Tom’s balls, now this? I wish the pair would learn to accept their bodies, love their flaws and re-frame from altering them when nobodies looking.

If ‘The Brady’s’ aren’t happy with how they look, what chances do Kelly Clarkson and Rob Ryan have?

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