I've done a lot of sighing since I first saw the results of my local vote at around 10:40pm. Big, dramatic sighs, The type usually reserved to actors in the soap operas or cartoon characters. I couldn't quite understand why I was so upset at this particular result until a few hours later.

You see, I've been disappointed before, in fact, since the very beginning of my political awakening I've been let down by the public at large who have, almost without exception, voted against my choice. …

I originally started writing this in response to a status update from a friend on Facebook. This man is of a certain vintage, shall we say, and had shared one of those chain posts that discuss certain issues in that no nonsense, “man of the people” style. The particular post in question regarded being an older person and being fed up with the state of the world as it is and more specifically, tolerance.

It struck me that tolerance is something that we are all in short supply of at the moment. In fact, I don’t think there has ever…

“Lost At Sea Cover”

It was time to get on with it. I was 20 years old, I’d been in the “Music Business” for 3 full years and I had nothing to show for it. I was done chasing naff “Record Labels”. The ones I found being no more than a tiny room with one laptop with Pro-Tools installed*. I was going to do it from home.

I had no experience in recording, I hadn’t even paid attention in secondary school when we had a lesson on “Audacity”, but I needed to release something. …

Ben Dain-Smith

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