The 10 Shitcoin Commandments

Ben Davenport
Aug 31, 2018 · 1 min read
  1. Shitcoins can’t buy happiness. Or, in the long run, anything else.
  2. There’s a shitcoin born every minute.
  3. If you have to ask if your coin is a shitcoin, it’s a shitcoin.
  4. A shitcoin saved is worthless.
  5. A fool and his shitcoins are soon married.
  6. If you can’t identify the shitcoin-holder in your first 30 minutes at the table, check your portfolio.
  7. Better to remain unlaunched and be thought a shitcoin, than to launch and remove all doubt.
  8. Only other people own shitcoins.
  9. You can rail against shitcoins all day long and offend no one, as long as you don’t name a specific coin.
  10. BCH is a shitcoin.

    Ben Davenport

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    Co-Founder, BitGo & Beluga. Angel investor.