3 Essential Design Tips To Make Your Stuff Look Prettier

Let me start first by saying I’m not a designer. I have learned these tips out of necessity after having made countless ugly graphics. These simple lessons have really helped. No degree required.

1. Whitespace, Whitespace, Whitespace

This tip alone will make everything you create 10x better. I had a tendency to fill all of the space I could with text thinking that the bigger the text was, the more it would stand out. It makes logical sense, but doesn’t work that way in practice:

Example A: Filling the entire space with text.

What an eyesore. It’s counterintuitive, but whitespace actually helps the viewer focus exactly on what you want them to pay attention to. If you think you’re making your text too small, you probably still need to make it even smaller. Trust me, it works:

Example B: Maximizing whitespace on the image.

The above example is using the exact same image and font. It’s much more aesthetically pleasing and draws the viewer in. Facebook is so adamant about this principle that they will not even approve an add if the text takes up anymore than 20% of the image.

2. If It’s Not Absolutely Necessary, Remove It

This is really the principle of “less is more”. The temptation is to always add more information, which ends up giving you a graphic that looks like this:

Example C: Lots of text on the image.

Yes, there are several important details on the graphic, but important doesn’t always mean absolutely necessary. Allow people to discover more information on the website or in your description when posting:

Example D: Only the absolutely necessary text.

You know who does this well? Apple. You don’t see their packaging jam-packed with information about the features of their devices. Instead they keep everything minimalistic.

3. No More Than Two Colors

Utilizing more colors usually makes your graphic harder to palette:

Example E: Several colors being utilized.

The business is distracting. If you must use two, you can, but you’re best off using just one. And if that one color is black or white, even better:

Example F: Only one color for the font.

I hope these tips help! If you want a great, free image editor to substitute having to purchase photoshop, I recommend Pixlr. It’s web-based and has 90% of anything you would need to create beautiful graphics.