3 Strange Coincidences Related To My Daughter’s Birth

I became a dad on Saturday. Such an incredible experience.

I’m writing this late into the third sleep-deprived night. I love my little Ella. She’s totally worth it. Plus, I’m a night-owl by nature, so I can’t complain too much.

Leading up to her birth, there were some very strange coincidences that are impossible to ignore and exciting to share. I think you’ll find them pretty hard to believe, yourself.

1. Her Name

Ella Renée. Her middle name, Renée, is in honor of her world-changing Aunt Jamilyn. They will share the same middle name. That was an easy decision.

Her first name? Not so much.

We had narrowed it down to two options — which you’ll recognize as a pretty big accomplishment in itself if you’ve ever been responsible for naming a human being. We agreed not to tell a soul what the two were before we decided.

As time passed it became progressively harder to decide between the two.

I told my friend, Kyle, of our dilemma when he was over one evening and randomly asked him to guess the names we were considering.

Without hesitation he spouted Sophie and Ella with his first guess and told us that just a few days prior he had a dream we were choosing between those two names and ended up deciding Ella…I kid you not. We were leaning toward Ella and that was what we needed to pretty much seal the deal.

2. My Age

About five years ago, I had zero romantic prospects and, at the same time, had a huge desire to be married. Tough spot.

I made the situation a little more dire when I decided to surrender any effort on my part to find a wife and just trust that the right situation would happen naturally.

But, I did have a couple of very specific stipulations: 1) that I be married at age 28 and 2) that I had my first kid at age 30.

I didn’t see how that would be possible given the commitment I just made.

I got married exactly one week after I turned 28. And we had Ella just one month after I turned 30.

3. Her Birthdate

We chose to do a natural birth and nobody could quite nail down her due date. That left us with a pretty broad range (upward of several weeks) of possible dates she could be born.

Before she arrived, we needed to move, get Lauren a mom-car, and several other to-do’s which made planning tricky.

One drive home, I asked Lauren to think of a specific day she thought Ella would be born. As she considered, I came up with my own. I quickly heard a resounding, “August 27th”.

I asked Lauren what her guess was…it was also August 27th.

Screenshot from our calendar

We put it on our calendar and made plans around that date.

Ella was born at 1:16 pm on August 27th.


The coincidences are pretty shocking. Almost hard to believe!

But the truth is…

Her name? We prayed for confirmation about what it should be whenever we couldn’t decide. Kyle’s dream happened shortly after.

My age? I specifically asked God to be married at 28 and a father at 30 right after I decided to trust Him to send the right person at the right time. It happened exactly as I prayed.

Her birthdate? As Lauren pondered my question, I silently prayed and asked Holy Spirit to tell me the day Ella would be born. He did and confirmed it through Lauren.

Isn’t it interesting how the more you pray, the more strange the “coincidences” become?



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