How to Create the Perfect Instagram Bio for Your Business


If you’re going to be successful with your Instagram marketing efforts you need to know how to create a good Instagram bio for your business.

A good Instagram bio will allow you to turn people who view your profile into followers and customers.

Instagram has reached over 500 million users in 2016 with around 300 million active daily users. The reason I love Instagram for marketing is the engagement is higher than any other social media platform.

With it’s massive user base and high engagement Instagram is the perfect platform for businesses to find new customers and nurture its relationships with existing ones.

How To Create The Perfect Instagram Bio

Your Instagram profile needs to clearly communicate with your followers, or potential followers, who you are and what you do. When someone views your profile they need to immediately understand what your business or Instagram page is all about.

You need to be specific and very clear with this information. I see so many business profiles that are so general and vague that I have no idea what they do even if I try to figure it out. Don’t be one of these businesses.

This section also needs to let people know about your website or your lead magnet. Put the name of the lead magnet in the bio if you have one and then put the link to it in the website field. If you have an online store just put your website in your bio section.

You can track clicks to your website if you have a business profile or you can track clicks using some sort of URL shortener. I use Google URL shortener and it works just fine.

If you have a business you should switch your profile to a business account. This basically just connects your Instagram profile to your business Facebook page. It will give you access to exclusive features such as audience insights, Instagram account analytics, track clicks to website, add a contact button for customer to use, and the ability to create ads right from the app.

It’s super easy, just click the settings icon in the top right corner when viewing your profile. Scroll down and under the ACCOUNT section click ‘Switch to Business Profile.’ You will then be asked to authorize Facebook and then choose which business page you’d like to connect to.

It’s also smart to give a call to action such as “Click the link to order” or “Download my FREE ebook.” If you have a lead magnet place a link to the landing page so you can build your email list and consistently get people into your sales funnel.

Now that you’ve learned how to set up your Instagram profile properly when people view your account they will immediately know what you do and if they will be interested in your business.

So you can see this all in action, here is a good example from @sugarbearhair of how to optimize your profile.

PRO TIP: Write out your bio section in a note on your phone and then copy and paste it into your bio. This will allow you to have several lines of text as shown in this example. When writing your bio section on Instagram it does not allow you to hit return to create another line.

Hopefully this helps you setup your Instagram account for success!

For more on Instagram marketing download our FREE Instagram Success Guide.

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