Aberdeenshire Larder

Enter Anne-Marie Bain, the Sales Manager from Aberdeenshire Larder. Here she explains more about the history of their business, being a butcher in the 21st century and what they’re looking forward to for the future.


Aberdeenshire Larder was founded by Anne-Marie’s father, John Bain in 2002. Together with his wife they converted Unit 3 on Broomiesburn Road from selling organic chickens to a full scale butchery and front end shop and they’ve been there ever since.

“I remember starting to work at the butchery when I was 13–14 years old and my first job was to pack rabbit meat.”

From there Anne-Marie moved into telesales and all sorts of other roles while growing up. After studying Business at University she opened her own independent shop called Food Story in Aberdeen, focusing on selling locally sourced produce.

After her Father passed on in 2011, Anne-Marie took over running the business side of Aberdeenshire Larder, with her brother running the butchery. They now have over 40 employees and also provide a food service to hotels, restaurants and other establishments all over Scotland.

The Malmaison in Aberdeen, just one of many fine restaurants Aberdeenshire Larder serves.
“It’s a very fast-paced business, chefs like to order at the last minute, so we provide a dedicated phone line where they can order up and till midnight and still get next day delivery.”

As supermarkets have sprung up all around the country and as people’s lifestyles have changed, independent butchers have found it increasingly difficult to compete. But Aberdeenshire Larder continues to do well, with their popular butcher shop in Ellon.

Anne-Marie tells me, part of the reason for their success is they provide a great personalised service, catering to locals who like the regional differences like oatmeal stuffing for example.They also provide great value butcher packs to families and of course a wide selection of prime cuts, that you just can’t get in the supermarkets.

Anne-Marie is looking forward to the future, saying local independent retailers are making a comeback in Aberdeen and the shire.

“You can definitely see the passion in what we do compared to the chain brands, so hopefully consumers will continue to support that.”

They’re also going to be stepping up their online presence, they’re on facebook and have big plans for their website so watch this space.

You can find Aberdeenshire Larder at:

Unit 3, Broomiesburn Road,
 AB41 9RD view map

Telephone: 01358 727850
 Usual opening times: Mon–Fri 8am–4pm; Sat 8–2pm.

Local independent retailers have always been at the very heart of the community and these articles make up a special series called Around Aberdeen to showcase the local producers livening up our towns and our taste-buds.

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