Ythan Bakery

Local independent retailers have always been at the very heart of the community and this article about Ythan Bakery is part of special series called Around Aberdeenshire to showcase the local producers & suppliers livening up our towns and our taste-buds.


Enter Dawn Gillian the co-owner of Ythan Bakery with her husband Michael. Here she explains more about how Ythan Bakery got started and their continued success into the present day.

Ythan Bakery was setup by Michael’s grandparents in 1970 operating from Bridge street where they continue this day. Their they started by selling to customers from the front of the shop and doing deliveries around Ellon.


They continued to grow slowly developing the backend of the shop to be able to handle more orders and started to take on local hotels
 as customers in 1984.

Michael took over the operations at 21 and since then, Michael and Dawn have developed their product offering into sandwich filling, cakes, biscuits and more. They now have 2 delivery vans and 25 staff on the books.

They treat their staff like family, and so have a very loyal base of employees which they can rely on day and night.


The Ythan Bakery gearing up for a festive Christmas

Their staff literally work around the clock on staggered shifts through the night and into the morning making bread just to satisfy our appetite.

Ythan Bakery take pride in their traditional baking style and history, with lots of their recipes not changing from when the bakery first got started.

They like to use Scottish ingredients to make they’re bread to bring out a really authentic flavour such as by using flour
 from Carrs in Fife and using as little preservatives as possible.


Expecting windmills? This is Carr’s £17M Mill based in Fife, it was completed in 2013 bringing better processing to their flour and reducing their operations carbon footprint.

Now very close to being an established business for 50 years there’s proof in the pudding that they’ve been consistently baking at the top of the game for many years.


Dawn with their Special Bronze award for their butteries earlier in 2016

And backed up by several short listings and awards through the years for the coveted title of Scottish Bakers of the Year.

You can find them at:

54 Bridge Street, Ellon

Mon-Tues: 05:30–17:00
 Wed: 05:30–13:30
 Thurs-Fri: 05:30–17:00
 Sat: 05:30–16:00

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