Pros — Great to start off with. Less commitment, more immediate reward.
Cons — Annotations feel underpowered — verbose and repetitive, different constructs (than .ts, closer to jsdoc), imports are hard, type assertion and generics don’t work that well, smaller community. Overall, much closer to .d.ts files than a full-blown .ts replacement

Typescript allows you to add types to JavaScript files using jsdoc-style comment annotations. I have tried using it in my personal projects and to some extent, at work. …

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React stores its internal representation of the render tree as React Fiber (v16.0+). It create fiber node for each JSX element we have rendered, which are then connected to its parent, child and sibling node to create a complete tree.
We will call this connected tree structure as Fiber tree.

For a rough idea, it contains most of the information that you would find in the React debugger — components tab.


Abhas Bhattacharya

Hi, I am abhas — another one of those frontend developers :) More at

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