The ephemerality of Serverless architectural components, coupled with the pay-per-use pricing model, allows us to have rapidly deployable, cheap and disposable environments when working with Serverless-First architectures. No longer are we constricted to Dev, Staging, UAT and Prod environments.

Instead, we can have any number of environments that are isomorphic to the real production infrastructure. This allows us to reimagine how our CI/CD can work, reducing the lead-time to release to production, while maintaining quality assurance.

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“Serverless-Flow” is similar to GitHub Flow, but takes advantage of the ephemeral pay-per-use environments Serverless offers. …

Adopting a Serverless approach simplifies an organisation’s path to data-driven Business Intelligence.

A full commitment to being data-driven can benefit organisations of all manners and sizes. A data-driven approach allows large companies to achieve effective digital transformation, whilst allowing smaller companies to productize their valuable data and effectively leverage the promise of artificial intelligence (AI). The key benefit of being truly data-driven is that it empowers any organisation to make the right decisions at the right time.

Data-driven organisations need every stakeholder at every level of the organisation to have access to the data they need, when they need it. …

I build, write and talk a lot about Serverless applications. Using AWS Serverless services extensively with my clients and, for many applications, it’s the best technology choice. Serverless adoption continues to grow, but the biggest pain-point for companies adopting Serverless is no longer vendor lock-in or cold-start times, it’s education and upskilling.

Serverless is a steep learning curve and a moving target

That is why today I’m excited to announce sls-dev-tool’s iconic CLI Dashboard interface, now called sls-dev-tools HQ, is one of several tools in the new sls-dev-tools. Today, it is joined by sls-dev-tools Guardian.

sls-dev-tools Guardian is a highly opinionated, highly configurable, automated best-practice audit tool for Serverless architectures. Like all sls-dev-tools features, it’s framework agnostic (SAM, Serverless Framework…) and can be run in one simple command. …


Ben Ellerby

VP Engineering at Theodo and AWS Serverless Hero. Working with startups to launch MVP’s and large corporates to deliver in startup speed.

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