An Alternate American Tale

How did we get here? I know and 9/11 and the banks and the Donald, but really, how did we get here? The world is very different today than it was just a couple of decades ago. I realize the tenuous nature of power in the world. A shifting wave of privilege and pain that can never seem to balance for the fear of sinking. Those starved for control always seeming to taking from the powerless to feed their want. All while convincing those under foot that it was all their fault. I feel like there is a story about how the United States became an oligarchy that is much less depressing. I, therefore propose we come up with an alternative story for what is truly the decline of Western civilization caused by a historical claiming and then returning of power from and then back to the powerful elites who previously and now again currently rule us. You are all welcome to submit your tale. The best one will be submitted for entry into the history books of the Texas Public School System. Here is mine.

Once upon a time there was a land where people liked everyone and took care of each other. Everybody had what they needed. This got boring. If everyone had the same then who could win? Then one day somebody said “Not everybody deserves to have enough! Some people work harder. Some people are smarter. Some people have big muscles. Some people are have better skin. Some people have better body parts. Those people deserve more and others deserve less.” For the sake of simplicity, let’s call those better people the betters.
At first, most people weren’t into it, but then they realized that when they fit into the betters category, they could have more stuff, so they got into it. The problem was that the more the betters got, the more they wanted. They called this Capitalism. The more the betters got, the less there was for everyone else. Just so we can keep everyone straight, let’s call everyone else the others.
For a while the others were not happy with the betters. For the others it got harder and harder to eat and stay out of the rain. Some of the others made it into the government and tried to make even out a little bit. For a little while it got closer. Then in the 1980’s the betters though it was getting too even so they started to change things back to the way they were. Then they came up with a way to make people feel better about their situation. They called it the Internet. Now the others didn’t care that they had a lot less than the betters because they could Like AND Love AND Haha AND Wow AND Sad AND Angry posts on Facebook. Some of the others were even convinced that they didn’t deserve to have enough and would vote the betters into office so that they could take more away from the others. The others were happy not paying attention and the betters were happy too. The End.

Okay, so you may think, “This is not a better story. It is just a vast oversimplification of what we are living today.”, or if you don’t believe in it then you probably think it’s liberal bullshit. Either way, you are right. The only thing that is a new story is how it started out with everyone being equal. That is only true if you go back to when we crawled out of the mud. The truth is that we are human and therefore we will always try to destroy each other in order to get what we want. What we forget is helping each other is how we got this far in the first place. If we always just did what was best for ourselves we would still be living in the mud.

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