The reason why poetry should be more popular.

Poetry in modern society is becoming less and less popular as it is taken over by social media and quick posts about people’s emotions. Nowadays many of us do not have time to read and think about a well-constructed poem, because it takes long to unlock a poem or form an interpretation of it.

However, this is wrong. A well written poem can guide you in life, can influence your decisions, and most importantly can make you realise situations you might be in and would never have thought about if you haven’t read that one poem. Poetry is basically thinking, about life, society, people, the human condition. Thinking is the greatest feature of a human being, it is what makes us different from any animal on the earth and it is what makes each and every one of us individuals.


Today, the value of speech is almost completely lost due to the simplistic nature of social media.

Today, 1% of our modern society say valuable things and the rest 99% quotes them.

Today, people are mostly given the opportunity to express their most complex feelings with an emoji or a status on Facebook.

Today, poetry does not play an important role in our society and is not as appreciated as it should be.

With having poetry in our everyday lives, we would be able to express ourselves and our feelings how we experience it, and not by a quote from someone else. We would value our own words and not someone else’s.

With having poetry in our everyday lives, we would truly get to know ourselves. Poetry does not only communicate your feelings for other people, but it communicates them to the poet, which is the most important part of writing poetry. While writing a poem, we discover our own feelings and emotions. Knowing oneself is the biggest advantage of a human being today, and only a few people are truly conscious about themselves due to the lack of value in our modern lives, poetry would change that.

With having poetry in our everyday lives, we would get time to think. Thinking is lost from many of our lives and some of us don’t even realise their own reality, because they live in a bubble created by social media, where everything is perfect and nobody has problems. Poetry is often about a failure, a loss or a lesson that we should learn from someone’s mistake. Poetry brings out the reality of the world we live in and brings back the value of thinking, which is rarely known today.

“A world without poems is like a sea without water. Nothing.”
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