Life, Pictured: Episode 02

The Japan AeroPress Championship 2016, Final Round preparation

This is a shot of the winning barista preparing for the final round of the Japan AeroPress Championship. I was only just able to catch the final few rounds of the competition and it was a lot of fun! The event was held at The Roastery on Cat Street in Tokyo’s popular Harajuku shopping district. It was a good turn out and many faces from coffee shops around the city could be seen.

Something really magical about my favorite drink is the community it fosters wherever it goes. There’s a boom felt in many cities around the globe and coffee is only getting better (unless it’s heading towards a huge shortage) by the year.

I can’t wait to end up where I end up and discover my new local coffee community. The group in Tokyo hasn’t disappointed as Tokyo seems poised to continue to grow as a coffee city.

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