Life, Pictured: Episode 03

Something old, something new

I’m fortunate. I’ve been able to see so many beautiful things, meet so many beautiful people, and be alive for 27 years (and one day). I’ve explored and discovered so much in the past three years. I’ve grown as a man and I plan to continue, as I’ve said before, onward and upward.

This picture was taken at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto, Japan. My wife and I hadn’t yet signed our marriage papers. We would do so back in Tokyo following this trip. We were a sight to behold in our kimonos as many people made comments to us as we strolled along.

I’m happy to have that memory, as I’m happy to have the other memories that I’ll be featuring on Life, Pictured. Even more so because I’m sharing them with all of you.

Here’s to my 27th year and making it a transformative one.

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