Tuesday Newsday: 16 February 2016

What news stories, editorials, or blog posts do I find interesting? Important? Influential? I’ll pick three or so and give a short opinion every Tuesday.

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It’s Time For A… Felfie? Foofie?

— via TheNextWeb

I’ve not been a big fan of Naver’s LINE application (and all the applications that come along with it) as of late. Its market growth is indeed impressive. LINE is ubiquitous on smartphones in Japan. It’s more of a point of contact than anything else in the country among people my age, so much so that LINE itself throttles bandwidth if you make too long of a VoIP call on their eponymous chat application.

Now from Naver comes yet another social photo app, though this one is sure to appeal to those with an appetite for food pictures. Utilizing current smartphones’ accelerometer techonology, the new app “Foodie” will allow you to take level over-the-plate shots that are prevalent on Instagrams the world over. Tack that on to 24 filters and editing tools geared spcifically for shooting your food and it adds up to an app that will surely be a hit with many avid foodstagrammers.

My initial tests (sans food) show that it’s a pretty slick app. Check it out for yourself if you like taking pictures of food.

Kanye And… Whatever Is Going On With Kanye?

— via VentureBeat

So this is just… what is even it even? So first, Kanye is on SNL. Got it.

Then Kanye tweets, right before he goes on, that he’s totally in debt, you guys. He needs cash fast. For ideas. I have ideas. I’m not asking Mark Zuckerberg for anything though… maybe I should.

He also drops an album(?) out of nowhere? Like, total Beyonce at the Super Bowl. Or Beyonce (again) even before that. So big stars are just doing this now.

But wait, he’s ONLY releasing it on TIDAL (lol). That awkwardly priced music streaming app that has to compete with Spotify (dominating the market by a wide margin), Apple Music (comes preinstalled on all iDevices, competitively priced as far as family plans go), and… tons of other apps in the music streaming space.

I’d tell you what I think of the album and if it’s worth it to hop onto Tidal… if I wanted to spend another $20 on yet another digital service on top of the fact that I pay for Spotify every month.

No sale, Yeezy. No sale.

And also, he’s ruining things for Tidal (lol). Even though he was trying to make things better for them?

This whole situation is so… Kanye.

What’s The Number For 九一一?

— via NPR News

This story is super cool. As a teacher of a second language in many cases, it’s very refreshing to see a development like this ocurring stateside. Some people in America will see this as a threat. They’ll look at NYC firefighters learning Mandarin as a sign that the United States is “losing” to China (thanks a lot, Trump… you big “winner”).

There’s more to see in this gesture. This is a wonderful sign of globalization. Americans, especially those dedicating to help all who live in their community, are cracking books in order to prepare themselves for a situation where they are going to risk their lives for someone who made their way to this country in search of, among other things, an American way of life. What better gesture of welcome than to attempt to connect with them, improving your own life as well as thinking of another’s.

I am a hardcore education advocate. Any story that show the advancement or implementation of education in a new or innovative way excites me. It give me hope that the future will be as cosmopolitan as I want it to be. Freer, safer travel… better educated, ambitious children… that’s the world I want to live in. And these New York men in uniform are showing that it’s okay to want a more connected society.

Keep up the great work, guys. New York’s finest indeed.

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