Developing Character and Choosing Values

Having strong character is important to business, relationships and mental strength.

You need to decide who your going to be before things go wrong. This will take the stress out of the situation because you have already decided how you will react. It will also enable you to make better decisions in the moment that represent who you want to be. It keeps you consistent and from burning bridges with in the moment of choices.

When we are pushed into a corner we will always be tempted to react in a survival manner that is short minded. By choosing your values up front you will eliminate debate and time spent pondering. You’ll react faster and already have the answer in who you want to be.

So how do we choose values that we live by?

I think first it starts with what kind of person we want to be. The best ideal picture of us in our own minds. Maybe we look to people we admire for inspiration.I personally have looked at athletes, business guys, preachers, marketers and even “average” people I admired. We all need hero’s and role models.Maybe you look at teachings, lessons you’ve learned or the bible. How does this ideal you act? What things are essential to being that person? How do they act in life and with those closes to them?

Next for most of us is looking at what kind of business person we will be. We have to look at what things will be the most important aspects to our success. I’d say to pick three things first by asking some of these questions.

How are you going to treat people?

What kind of work ethic will you need?

How will you solve problems?

What are weak areas you need to watch?

How will you commit to treating your team?

What level of excellence and quality will you provide?

How will you present yourself?

Life, family and work. Where is the line?

Everything is always going to hit the fan. Always! This is not the easiest thing and last thing you need is to be acting like a crazy lunatic that acts off the cuff of his heels. This will make you crazy, mentally unstable and lead to regret. Take some time to get your character game strong today! Write it out and adapt as you continue to grow into new roles.

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