Pinterest’s buyable pins

A new gateway for e-commerce

As a (web) designer I’m always looking for inspiration and love to look at beautiful design. Pinterest caught my attention early on and I personally loved the platform since I’ve became a member.

From simple image search to marketing powerhouse

For a long time the user base was primarily female. According to Emarketer 71% of the users are female but the males are catching up slowly.

Since it’s launch Pinterest transformed itself from a fairly simple image search tool to a marketing powerhouse. It’s a great tool to showcase products to a broad audience that browses the platform with a high intent to buy.

Promoted pins, Pinterest’s ad product, launched early 2014 and were the first step to monetisation for Pinterest. Now they’re almost ready to launch a new one.

A new e-commerce channel

Pinterest is launching buyable pins in the US soon (and hopefully the rest of us don’t have to wait much longer). Buyable pins enable users to buy items directly from Pinterest. No more linking to an external website where you can purchase. You see the price and a nice blue buy button right there in the Pinterest app. With 75% of the usage of Pinterest happening on mobile devices a seamless payment method is mandatory. They will launch with support for Apple pay and credit cards.

Pinterest has 72.8 million users . This gives businesses a great opportunity to use this as a new channel to sell their products.

I’m excited to see how this will evolve e-commerce. Instead of driving the customer to your website, let them purchase directly where their attention is.

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