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So many of us choose our path out of fair (this is confusing, is it fear or fair) to disguise in reality. What we really want is to ridiculously be out of reach to expect, and dare not to ask for any favor.

I listened to a story of father that was supposed to be great a comedian, but he was afraid and never believed that was very possible for him. So he made a conservative choice like most of us do. He got a safe job as an accountant, after some years, he was let go from that so called safe job. His family had to do whatever they could to make sure they survived. I learnt many great lessons from the story, and not only about his wish, but one can even fail while running from failure itself. It is better to take a chance in doing what one loves.

When I grew older into life, I was forced to believe the world is just the way it is, to live a life inside the world and never get into any; and maybe get an education, get a job and make some money, have a family, just to recycle what my parents did. But I discovered life could be broadened than that, and that’s when you give your life one simple meaning. Simple meaning to everything around us that we called life, was made up by people that are not smarter you.

Stop running from failure. Find out what it is you want, go after it as if your life depends on it. You know why? Because it does.

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