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A Detailed Account of Savasana Yoga Posture (Corpse Pose) — Part 2

To Deepen the Posture

You can start by introducing some tension in each body part being already in bed. Start by lifting one leg at a time a couple of centimeters from the floor, flexing the foot, then point and stress every muscle for two seconds, and then drop it. Tighten the buttocks, lifting them a little loose. Lift your chest a few centimeters from the ground, leaning your elbows and release. Raise your arms and shoulders leading to your ears, and clench the fists, and then straighten your arms and hands stretched and loose. Make a face, pressing all over your face towards the center, squeezing your eyes and mouth and then open eyes big, open your mouth, and sticks out your tongue loose and long with heavy sigh as the lion.


Although it alone has restorative properties, to make it more comfortable for people with some pain, severe stress or discomfort, you can use some support. For example, you can place a pillow under the head, waist and behind the knees for greater support and to relax completely. Close your eyes, put a bag on the eyes to help block the sensory stimuli.

Additional Tip

Note that in this relaxation posture, body temperature is low, so you can wrap up better and can cover yourself with a blanket before starting.

Contraindications and Precautions

For pregnant women, it is advisable to raise the chest and head with cushions. If you are pregnant more than five months, it is advisable to rest on the left side with a pillow under your head and a pillow under your knees.

If you have discomfort in the lower back, you can bend the knees and bring them together without force, just let them support one another while your feet are at a distance equivalent to your hips. You can use pads underneath so you do not have to make any effort.

Among the benefits of Savasana, it is to reach a state in which the nervous system is at rest, leading to mental and physical relaxation. The immediate result is a total relaxation and revitalization for a minimum of energy to be consumed. The mind is calm, which provides additional benefits such as increased wellbeing, productivity, clarity and positivism. This form of relaxation also works for identifying the subtle bodies in anatomy of yoga, so it is also a comprehensive therapy.

When the body is at complete rest, the capacity of natural healing is promoted, so restorative postures have also been used as treatment for diseases and to alleviate pain.

It is also used to treat stress and anxiety as it relaxes the body and releases tension in shoulders and neck, counteracts fatigue, favors people with high blood pressure and insomnia.

Having seen the benefits of Savasana yoga pose, if you are willing to start its practice, you can easily find an affordable yoga teacher training Bali course for learning it with perfection.