What Else Does BenePit Offer aside from Tokens?

BenePit Official
Nov 19, 2018 · 2 min read

BenePit is a reward-based phone platform service developed using the phone service, which is the main function of the smartphone. This mobile application offers different services for both consumers and businesses.

The call reward service is the main feature of BenePit. People who install BenePit can be rewarded by making their regular phone calls, meaning no special activity needed. But that is just one way to earn tokens. When you make what we call a special phone call, which may be to a restaurant, gym, school, store, or business, you can get more rewards. Advertisements are also available for watching, and it also gives you tokens.

But aside from the rewards, what else does BenePit provide its users with?

One, when you call a shop you are interested in, BenePit provides you with detailed information about those shops and suggests related or similar products or services. Then you can get opportunities to participate in the events that the ad offers and get additional compensation if you agree to participate.

Two, BenePit gives the users a mobile business card service. People have a desire to easily manage, store, and share information, such as company telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, portfolios, etc., when making phone calls. However, among the existing applications, there is no business card application that is actively linked with the phone call function. BenePit solves that problem with a mobile business card service that makes it easy to manage contact information.

Three, BenePit offers a safety number service. Privacy is one of the major concerns of people. When using various services such as online shopping malls, courier invoice, job search applications, etc., the user’s number is exposed. Therefore, we offer a free safety number issuance service to solve this problem.

Four, BenePit offers spam number protection. Illegal, spam phone/letters stress people out. Existing spam blocking applications simply block spam based on the users’ opinions, but BenePit has developed a more sophisticated spam prevention service possible through the feedback from its users + BIG DATA.

Five, BenePit implements what it calls arrow marketing. BenePit has already secured more than 30 million personal + STORE phone information, and we can identify the call patterns of users who use the service. This is the first phone application in the world to offer a more accurate and sophisticated ad targeting for people using the phone for service purposes (inquiry/consultation/reservation/purchase). Simply put, this app is also utilized as a marketing platform.

BenePit Official

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Tokenized ad platform on the blockchain for smartphone users

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