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An Empty Shell

“black substance on fire” by Matteo Kutufa on Unsplash

Short dress, skin pale as snow
Matching stockings and heels
An ensemble of black and white
Highlighted with crimson lipstick

Festive and tasteful, her eyes
Accentuated with green eyeliner
A giggle and a bat of eyelashes
Sends a tingle down my spine

I take a step forward
Lips curling into a smile
My hands, once dangling limply
Slowly raise, longing to hold

Instead I am greeted with a 
Soft snarl, bared teeth, dangerous glint
Her eyes are alight with fire and malice
Her teeth long and pointed

‘Who are you,’ I cry with fumbling steps
She only smiles — a sad one
Reserved for children and puppies
‘Fighting will only worsen it.’

She cradled my head in gloved hands
I could not resist; her strength
Too great for my fragile human body
The creature was not gentle

Jagged teeth tore into my throat
Claws and other horrors I tried to block out
Hooked into my limbs and body
A straw-like protrusion slid down my throat

My life was simultaneously drained and 
Stored within my body. I gagged on the
Alien presence descending into me
Overtaking me

My body was unnaturally warm
A warmth I welcomed like a tender babe
Latching onto its mother’s teat
It revitalized me

And then I was free, only dimly
Aware of the bonds that once held me
Naturally, I clambered to the nearest mirror
If I was not dead, surely I was changed

But the mirror did not deliver
For what I saw was not me
My middle-aged body, hair grey
The crows feet tormenting me

I see a younger interpretation
Pinker, healthier, prettier
I clasp my hands to my mouth
A giggle escapes

For behind me
Lies the crumpled figure
The girl is nothing more
Than a husk; an empty shell