DeepOnion airdrop statistics — Sunday, December 3rd

On December 3, 23,000 ONIONs were distributed, based on activity on the DeepOnion forums (2,000 of the weekly 25,000 had been distributed in themonkii’s Q&A session). This week, a record breaking 1,457 wallets participated in the DeepPoints airdrop, showing that the DepDomination tasks continue attracting new users into the DeepOnion forum every week. The number of DeepPoints collected by all users fell from 19.8 DP previous week to 10.12 this week, partly because of lower DeepDomination rewards, partly because of stricter moderating.

41.5% of the users received 6 ONIONs or more, the average forums user received 15.8 ONIONs this week. The breakdown of ONIONs per user is shown in the following chart.

Over the course of 5 weeks, a total number of 2,623 wallets received DeepPoints airdrops. Out of these, 440 were part of all 5 airdrops, 47% joined DeepPoints airdrop for 2 weeks or more.

507 wallets participated for the first time in this round.

Those who participated in all 5 Sunday airdrops averaged 191 ONIONs over the course of 5 weeks.

The following graphic shows the distribution over all five DeepPoint airdrops, each bubble represents a wallet. The size shows the overall number ONIONs received, the color gives an indication how many weeks a wallet participated.

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