Gary Vaynerchuk

Brilliant display of patience and smart marketing

Gary Vaynerchuk talks a lot about patience, but his actions say even more about it. A great example of this is the marketing he is doing for his new book, #AskGaryVee. I have learned a lot watching him in action the past few days.

Visit and you will see the various personal prizes (5 minute phone call, 1 hour meeting, 1 hour lecture) Gary is offering buyers of 50, 75, 300, 600, 1000, or 5000 books.

That’s pretty innovative marketing but GV doesnt stop there. Today he did a 8 hour live stream for his audience, encouraging people to send in their receipts of 8 books purchased, to be entered into a raffle to win big prizes. In between raffle drawings, he was spitting tons of wisdom on life and business. (I particularly liked his dialogue with and advice for an entrepreneurial junior in high school who wants to drop out, and a You-tubing mother in Oregon.)

The books sales he is generating are nice, but I can tell you one thing: Gary is not making a money on a 5 minute call with every shmuk in America, or on an 8 hour webcast. Gary is a big time investor and runs an $100M media company. Every minute of his time is valuable.

So why does he commit the scarcest of resources to this kind of book promotion? He does it because he knows all the extra books purchased are going to the friends and family of his supporters, who until that point never heard of Gary V. But once they get that book in their hand, Gary has an opportunity to turn them into a fan. He obviously has confidence in the books ability to do that. If the book interests them, they will surely go to his social pages, and that’s where Gary will lock them in with his endless stream of value add content (blog posts, videos, lectures, snap chats) and not let go. That adds to Gary’s brand value which has income generating potential across the board. And next time a book comes out, each one of these new fans will be buying 8 copies of their own.

That’s patience and smarts in action.

My take away from watching Gary V is to offer tons of free value, be original, and always invest in the long haul.