Is The Office Deeper Than It Appears?

A view of characters from The Office (NBC.Com)

The TV show The Office is about an eclectic group of workers, who are staring in a “mockumentary” about their fictional company “Dunder Mifflin”. While most people would view The Office as a lighthearted comedy without much substance, but it is actually a show that covers many serious topics, albeit in a funny and sometimes childish way. The show deals with issues such as racism, sexual orientation, and other important topics. In one episode called Diversity Day, Michael the branch manager, decides to head up “diversity day” a day to showcase the different ethnicities of each of the office workers and celebrate diversity. However, Michael ruins everything by saying outrageous statements in a childish and almost innocent way. Instead of letting a trained professional run the session, Michael ruins it for everyone else. In later seasons, Michael is always harassing Stanley, a black employee in many different situations. While Michael thinks he is being normal, everyone else sees his actions as not acceptable. Another thing the show covers is sexual orientation. One of the workers in the office is homosexual. While on the surface, this character may seem to be there mostly for Michael to torment, however in later seasons, other workers show Oscar, the homosexual worker, that they don’t care about his sexual orientation, but that they accept him for who he is. The Office may seem to just me a comedy on the surface, but in reality it brings light to many different subjects that are relevant to modern times and go beyond comic relief.