Tarantula Girl

(for Marina)

Tarantula Girl, Tarantula Girl
sovereign of Tarantula World
she’s got style, she’s got flair
barbs she flicks and fangs she bares
Look out … here comes Tarantula Girl!

I mean seriously …
who needs to swing from a thread overhead
anchored to the clouds by implausible sky hooks
that probably don’t exist
when you can play the vertical ballet
with cat paws on mossy tree trunks
hobnob with the tree frogs
and chill in the misty morning breeze of the rainforest
Parker petered out long ago
but you’re still with us, a-flash and aglow
holding court in the canopy
flicking your rose-haired barbs into you book of poetry

Is she strong, wait and see
she will own your banana tree
doesn’t need no silky strands
she’ll sit pretty in your hands
Look out … here comes Tarantula Girl!

I means seriously …
what’s there to be all arachnophobic about?
T-Girl never killed anyone
never even thought of it
and if that starburst shape and octopedal ostinato
still give you chills
you clearly don’t get out enough
but one day or another Theraposa Blondie is gonna getcha getcha getcha!
bewitch you with her red knees, rosy plumage
and fresh poetry wrenched from the undergrowth
and blasted from the treetops like jungle telegraphs
leave the swinging, jumping, radioactive monkeywork
to the slavish plebs below
she’s too busy busting the moves you’ve always wanted to see

In the chill of night, on stage at the mic
with a flash and a hiss she gets blood flows a-spike

because, well, that’s what she does
she’s eight legs full of sassy springstep
and crystalline compound eyes
scanning the scene
mapping the jungle in all its quirks
and responding with just enough venom
to get everyone’s attention

Tarantula Girl, Tarantula Girl
wry and sassy Tarantula Girl
kickin’ verses, taking shots
wealth and fortune, why the fuck not?
look out … here comes Tarantula Girl!

That one Bob Dylan wrote about
couldn’t last one slammin’ bout
‘gainst our own one and only … Tarantula Girl!

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