Hampi Hour

A case study for an impactful branding campaign and responsive web app


Hampi is a sacred and mystical city located in the Karnataka province of India. It has the UNESCO World Heritage Site stamp for its abundance of ruins of a forgotten empire, and the temples that are still active today. What makes Hampi unique compared to other historic sites in India is that it is situated amongst a valley of rivers and boulders, which makes for playing field for outdoor adventurers.


With the tourism industry being one of the fastest growing industries, there is a call for places of interest to be competitive as countries understand the economic benefit when boosting its tourism efforts. This gives a great opportunity for creating a brand identity and campaign for the sites/cities/countries that will place them on the map. And with the digital age that we live in, the scope of how far the tourism campaign can reach.

For a magical city such as Hampi, there is a great need to create a platform that attracts tourists for every detail that it has to offer. Currently Hampi’s only web presence is an information website that is loaded with facts and directions but does not capture the essence of the site and its surroundings.


  • build an engaging and impactful brand campaign that promotes tourism on Hampi and target audience that I’ve selected
  • create a visually strong brand identity and a responsive website creating engaging, impactful, predictable and well-designed experience for the users and optimized to meet business goals
  • establish a logo for the campaign that captures the direction, mood, tone and audience you will be capturing


Thumbnail sketches, inception diagram, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, InVision, Google Slides


  1. Brief
  2. Primary Research
  3. Research Synthesis
  4. Ideation
  5. Visual Identity
  6. Outcome


To create a brand identity with 2 unique art directions with one final strong direction; to assemble a brand standards guide that explains define’s the brand’s core purpose, vision statement, mission statement, elevator pitch, target audience; to construct a style guide that provides logo usage guidelines, typography, colours, and imagery; to produce at least 4 examples of brand usage or marketing materials; to assemble a responsive landing page.

Primary Research

I fortunately had the opportunity to visit Hampi while backpacking through India and have firsthand experience the it is a truly breathtaking site. I climbing up to the top of some boulders as the sunset was setting over the valley. The feeling that I had was complete bliss; that everything was perfect in that moment, and that I savoured every second of it.

The target audience that I was aiming this campaign at were mature, responsible, outdoorsy, and romantic world travellers between the ages of 25–45 .I conducted interviews with seasoned world travellers within this audience basing my questions on this euphoric feeling.

Research Synthesis

Every interviewee had a distinct story to share of their own personal experiences but several keywords came up in their responses, helping my affinity diagram. Phrases like “frenetic to calmness” occurred in responses a couple of times as well as words like “stillness”, “time stops”, “dream-like” and “slow motion”. Colours that were brought to mind when asked about bliss and euphoria were oranges, purples, pale blues — much like a sunset.


Art Direction #1 “Don’t Worry Be Hampi”

From the data that I gathered, I knew that I had to create a theme that radiates bliss and a sense of time standing still. When it came time to begin piecing together two art directions I chose to do both a ‘bliss’ and a ‘time stopping’ objective.

My ‘bliss’ campaign was coined “Don’t Worry Be Hampi”. It’s general feeling is brave, exciting, festive, social and venturous. The colours are bright and jagged, diagonal shapes are conveyed. I aimed to capture ‘frenetic-to-calm’.

Art Direction #2: Every Hour Is Hampi Hour”

The second direction was aimed at the moments in life where time seems to stand still. Whether is a gorgeous sunset, a visually intriguing piece of art, or beautiful music, for example, the enjoyer’s emotion of awe allows them to lose sense of time pressure and are more willing to volunteer their time. That is the feeling of Hampi — there is so much to take in visually and also physically that every hour roles into one. “Every Hour Is Hampi Hour” is the right tone that I’m looking for. The mood is more dream-like and chilled; divine and supernatural. The space is expansive and the movement is slow and calm. Colours, again, are like a sunset.

Hampi Hour Style Tile

I began exploring initially with colours when starting my development into a style tile. Different shade of orange immediately made sense as it portrayed majestic sunsets. A teal was selected to compliment the oranges.

The imagery of Hampi is so breathtaking, that I wanted to use photographs of the city and rocky landscape as the main component. The typography, navigation, icons and buttons could all be placed nicely overtop.

Visual Identity

Logo thumbnailing


I was playing around with classic American signage for happy hour, the time of the day where drinks are cheaper. If I were to use a clock in the logo then I could replace the hands with the predominant Virupaksha temple.

The typography would be similar to that of a Bollywood poster as it is written in English, rather than Hindi. A simple cursive font would be used to tie in the happy hour signage familiarity with the rest of the logo.

The result makes for a strong logo that can represent the brand and campaign.

Logo final


Brand Identity Examples

With the logo finalized, I implemented the brand identity with examples of social media tools, swag, and even if it were branded along with its own beer label.

The beer coaster and Golden Boulder Lager is a continuation into playing around with the happy hour theme.

The chalkbag is aimed at the rock climbing community that falls within the target audience. It would be a great take-home souvenir after the unreal experience of visiting and exploring the magical town of Hampi.

Brand Guidelines Manual

The brand guidelines manual covers how the brand works and how different elements work to create the brand identity. It’s to be used by designers, writers, and anyone else that will be using brand identity for marketing tools.

The manual also contains the brand’s purpose, mission and vision statements and elevator pitch.


Hampi Hour is an impactful brand campaign that promises to bring a responsible, romantic and outdoorsy demographic with it’s strong identity based on allowing time to stop and take the beauty in. The logo of the brand captures this in its tone and it appeals to the the target audience.

It was one of the most enjoyable projects to work on as of late, as it felt more personal because I had been to Hampi before. It is a truly mysterious and awe-inducing place. I recommend everyone to travel to Hampi.

Invision Prototype