REWIND App — Case Study

For my second project at RED Academy, I was tasked to create an impactful and well-designed UI Library into provided wireframes from the research and information based on my target audience. REWIND, a mobile app that works as a streaming and sharing music service that offers the user the option to create mixtape cassettes and send as a gift, is the project that I was assigned. I was determined to create a new experience through music that connects people and to hold good memories of people in a tangible way.

By conducting interviews with members of the target audience (Female students, ages 15–25), I found that people really connected through the exchange of a mixtape and through music in general. Receiving this as a tangible gift was appreciated as it showed that a lot of thought and time went into it. A mixtape cassette was also a great reminder of bygone era.

I wanted to create an interface that was both current and vintage; contemporary and a throwback. I also wanted it to be fun, bold and simple. Visually, I wanted to make something bright, jazzy, energetic, clean and loud.

My outcome was a direction toward vintage 80s design, especially VHS and cassette covers. I found inspiration in the typography of these old platforms. I discovered that pairing a vintage style of font, like Harry, with Futura it would convey both modern and throwback. My colour choices also stemmed from these old cassette covers as well. Pairing a bright green with black and white was not a combination my target audience would be known for, but I didn’t want to fall back on the safe “girly” palettes of pinks, reds and purples.

My logo design was based on the classic icon of “rewind”, paired with the modern “volume” symbol. Placed together, the icons showcased new and old. Placed on a timeline, the rewind icon faces the past and the volume icon faces the future.

Overall my outcome hit the touchstones that I set for myself — by creating a new experience that combined vintage and contemporary visual style.