Cultured meat is our best hope to save wild salmon, and it can help us in the fight to prevent the worst effects of climate change too.

One of the best paths we have to save wild salmon, and in my opinion the future of all meat eating, is cellular agriculture: culturing meat cells in a brewery-style facility instead of harvesting meat from live animals. Not only is this meat harm-free, it’s also free of the industrial chemicals, like antibiotics, hormones and pesticides, that now contaminate most of our animal protein including farmed salmon. Cultured meat is healthier for people and healthier for the planet — a thesis I’m very familiar with after spending a decade building Homegrown on the same premise.

I grew up in the…

In June 2018, after 10 years leading Homegrown, I resigned as Co-CEO to travel around the world and give myself the space to define what I want my next decade to look like. I went to remote places I had dreamed of seeing with my own eyes since I was little like Antarctica, the Himalayas, and the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, interestingly all places where climate change is apparent everywhere you look.

I stepped foot on all seven continents inside of 12 months. I visited 25 countries (counting Antarctica just because I love a nice round number) but it didn’t…

Feeling very humbled by my morning at University of Washington coaching the Food System group at the Sustainability Ambassadors 2050 Workout — a thought experiment on what it will take to make our communities sustainable 30 years from now.

Different groups analyzed other systems like Integrated Water Systems, Clean Energy & Living Buildings, Zero Waste & Circular Economies, and Transit and Urban Planning.

If you want to be inspired, go to Kane Hall (room 110) tonight at 7pm to watch them synthesize all these systems into a hopeful view of the future!

Looking at the timeline till 2050, our Food…

Takeaways from my training by the Climate Reality Leadership Corp

The Climate Reality Project is an org founded by Al Gore to inspire grass roots activism for climate change action. While climate change denial remains a uniquely American epidemic, the climate science is clear and growing increasingly worrisome as many consequences of global warming are happening faster than predicted.

Their leadership training is a climate activist’s boot camp on the skills and tools to best affect change. Here are the top eight quotes, things I learned or points of emphasis that I want to share from the training:

  1. “Just like…

[Full disclosure: I take a lot of pride in Seattle companies in general and I love the idea of Seattle becoming a more important hub for changing the slow food movement & policy]

I’ve taken some time to process what the / Whole Foods Market deal means for the food system, and I’ve ended up in allignment with Alice Waters (no surprise here!) that the best outlook we can have right now is hopefulness.

I’m hopeful that Amazon can use its scale for good, that they support farmers who steward their land so it can be farmed by future…

Ben Friedman

Entrepreneur working at the intersection of food and enviornment

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