Express your love with birthday flowers in Bangalore

Special days require special things. Your loved ones are indeed special to you, and their birthday is even more special. Sending gifts or cakes is all fine, but sometimes love need a more beautiful thing to express itself. And frankly, I am yet to encounter something more beautiful than flowers.
So your love might be in Bangalore far away from you, but distances do not matter to the heart. Here is our list that would help you to send flowers Bangalore to make someone’s birthday even more special:
1) Lilies
So you might be wondering, can a simply lily be enough to express all those feelings? Well my friend, there is nothing simple about lilies. These beautiful flowers are not flashy, but have a subtle beauty and freshness in them. There are so many varieties in lilies — Calla, Stargazer, Casablanca and Day lilies to name a few- that you will not have to look at any other choice. One of the best send lilies flower delivery Bangalore has to offer.
2) Rose
When you are looking to send online flowers to Bangalore in order to express your feelings, why not go for a flower that has helped countless lovers to express their love over the centuries? Roses are remarkable in their ability to say “love” like nothing else. And there are simply so many lesser known verities of them, like the blue, purple, pink and yellow rose, that a simple combination of them can prove to be a birthday gift worth remembering forever.
3) Daisy and Lavender
They say that smell is the strongest simulator to remember things, which simply means that poetically, the fragrance will help you remain in her heart forever. Daisies and lavenders are both beautiful flowers with pleasing colors and a certain innocence and purity about them. But it is their fragrance that makes them truly remarkable. A bunch of these can fill your loved up with joy in their birthday.
4) Orchids and Tulips
On one hand, you have orchids — the soft beauties that represent tender love. On the other hand you have tulips- representing love that endures forever. Combine them, and you get the perfect bouquet for the birthday of your loved one. The purple-pink orchids are surely worth a smile, while the red, pink and violet tulips can lit up any place with joy.
5) Carnations
Did you like the name? The real deal is even better. These exquisite flowers are as beautiful as you could imagine. With the tenderness of morning dew and the calm brightness of sunset, these flowers are capable of winning nay heart. A combination of its many colors — pink, red, white and yellow- can prove to be one of the best birthday gifts.