L to R: Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, Sam Altman, Eileen Donahoe. Photo courtesy of Stanford GDPI

“Perhaps you could just be a little bit less ambitious,” chided Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

“Oof,” responded Sam Altman.

Al Hussein is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; Altman, the President of Y Combinator and the co-chairman of OpenAI. The occasion for this exchange, a recent Stanford University-hosted conference on Human-Centered AI, offered optimism, warning, and nuanced discussion on the relationships developing between AI technologies and civil societies. At some points, the representatives of these domains demonstrated, if not coordinated answers to tough questions, at least ideological and strategic alignment about how these questions might be approached. But…

Ben Gansky

Ben Gansky translates complex ideas into accessible, imaginative, and emotionally-rich experiences. His focus is the intersection of tech, policy, and culture.

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