Drawing Political Cartoons and Publishing them on Internet

So, you’re an artist and you want to draw political cartoons. The Internet can provide you with a vast audience. There’s no editor there to reject your ideas or tell you want to do. There are no advertisers whose feelings may be hurt. There are plenty of free sites and blogs on which you can publish your site.

You have your freedom of speech. There’s nothing stopping you!

Just don’t expect to make money from the cartoons. It is not a profitable endeavor. You might be able to sell a few prints or even put your work on coffee mugs and sell a couple of those, but expect no real recompense for your talent and hard work. But that’s OK. After all, you’re doing it to express your outrage over what’s happening to your country, right?

There’s no down side. Oh. Wait. There is. Anonymous Internet trolls might object to your opinions. They might take your work and alter it in order to make fun of you. Your cartoons might end up being defaced into racist and anti-Semitic hatred and they’ll leave your name on them and spread them everywhere. They’ll claim they’re your ‘originals.’ They’ll begin using your name and face and posting hate all over social media. They‘ll create a mischievous dopplegänger of you and that dopplegänger will start posting hate on comment sections and social media. Soon you’ll begin receiving hate mail because many out there believe search engines tell them the absolute truth. Those search engines will also place the altered cartoons above your own. Eventually few will want anything to do with you or your cartoons because you’ll be seen as a racist nut.

Your freedom of speech will be shut down. That’s what will stop you.

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