Facing into the Future: Public Speaking and Video Editing

A few months back, I was asked to speak at Trinity’s Global Business Forum. I jumped at the opportunity, but I was also a little terrified. Sure, I’d done public speaking before — drama as a kid and debating in college — but this was different. This was a 15 minute slot, rounding out the event, and my job was to distill what had been discussed on the day. To sum up the words of top entrepreneurs, academics, and CEOs. To take 8 hours of content and wrap it up in only 15 minutes. Scary stuff.

I say ‘only’ 15 minutes, but that length was also terrifying! It seems short, but that’s a long time. For context, debating speeches are 7 minutes max, and my longest blog post has been a 6 minute read. This was like doing a speech, reading a blog post, and then ad libbing for the length of an average YouTube video.

The full video is below but —again demonstrating that 15 minutes is a long time — I edited it down to about 5 minutes.

Did you ever read a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book as a kid? In this kind of book, you decide the journey you want to take. ‘You come to a door, do you i) turn the knob and proceed or ii) run away terrified down the corridor?’ Below, I’ve provided a Choose Your Own Adventure style approach to this week’s blog. Crazy fun, right?

Video Highlights (5 minutes)

This is the first time I’ve really turned my hand to video editing, so please excuse some jumpy transitions.

Good for: those short on time, or those who want to pretend they watched the whole thing.

Full Video (15 minutes)

This is the full video in all its (lack of) glory.

Good for: those actually interested in what was discussed at the Forum, or people who have trouble sleeping.


The hastily put together slides from my talk.

Good for: people who’d like to follow along with the slides, Powerpoint aficionados.

Takeaways from the Talk

It was a super fun experience, thanks to Andrew Burke and everyone at Trinity for having me. Thanks also to Stephen McIntyre for taking the time to sit down with me before the talk, and his tweet during! Public speaking is still scary, but a little less so now. If people are interested, I might write a post about how I prepared for the talk. Let me know what you think below.

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