Best Types Of Air Compressors For Industries

Compressed air systems are used widely in industries and the cost of electricity can be reduced by using an energy saving air compressor. Profit can be increased by using an energy efficient compressor. Most of the expenses on a compressor are due to the power or electricity it uses. Thus, an energy saving compressor will lower the amount of money an industry has to pay on the cost of running it. It has another advantage that by using an energy efficient compressor, it is possible to make the performance of the system better and enhanced. Industries should consider using such types of air compressors as it decreases the carbon footprint.

Variable Speed Air Compressor

The energy-efficient air compressors have a VCC system that saves energy and raises the output of the compressor. Tandem range compressors also save a lot of energy. The systems are made more efficient by using condensate traps that don’t have a loss. The electricity consumption in the compressor can be significantly reduced by using non-glaze screws in it. Oil-free compressors use less power and it saves the bills on energy. The screw compressors have less waste pressure and this reduces the energy consumption.

There are many benefits of using a screw air compressor in an industry. The operation of the compressor is quiet and it doesn’t produce noise. This type of compressor is best suited for industries and factories that require continuous operation of the systems. The air in the compressor flows steadily. It uses very less power so the expenses on the energy bills are low. The components of the compressor are reliable. It doesn’t need much effort to maintain the compressor. The compressor can have different compression stages both single as well as multiple up to three compression stages. Investing in the screw compressor is a wise decision for industries as it gives them a fast return on the money they spend to buy and use it.

The variable speed air compressor is another type of energy efficient compressor that saves money on the energy bills. The speed in the compressor can be controlled without any problem. It is a better option than using a compressor that has a fixed speed. By using a varying speed, the cost of power becomes less. It allows the maintaining of constant pressure in the compressor. Also, there is another benefit that such compressors have fewer power surges. It lessens the wastage of power and energy. However, the compressor develops sensitivity to the inconsistent supply of power and this is a weakness. Thus, it is important to ensure that the factory doesn’t have an inconsistent power supply.

Summary: Compressed air systems can save a lot of money on the electricity bills if energy efficient compressors are used in industries. Screw air compressors are very beneficial as it is quiet with a constant operation. It is easy to maintain it. Varying speed compressors save energy and reduce the cost of power consumption. Its speed can be easily controlled.