“To us, what we call the Dragonfly Effect is the elegance and efficacy of people who, through the passionate pursuit of their goals, discover that they can make a positive impact disproportionate to their resources” (Smith).

The Dragonfly Effect puts great emphasis in the symbolic representation of the dragonfly. A dragonfly is the only insect that is able to fly into any direction when its four wings are in sync. This is representative that small actions can produce big effects and that anyone can make a difference using social media.

The main focus of the book are the design principles…

Understanding the unpredictable nature and dynamic behaviors of the social customer

According to Brito, the idea behind this strategy is that traditional marketing tactics along are not very effective to reach a large customer base. He brings up an example of a super bowl commercial in that a 30 sec. television spot is not even effective anymore to build a brand. He explains that one must have an integrated marketing plan to deliver your brand awareness across the entire WWW (World Wide Web) to facilitate/change consumer behavior or brand perception.

I agree with Brito for this strategy. He really focuses…

I have interviewed at A LOT of companies (especially the big tech companies). I hope this helps for those who get down on themselves for not making it to the next round.

Ok, how many times have we read at the top of our emails “Thanks for interviewing at company x, unfortunately your experience didn’t match our requirements because of XYZ, we will keep your resume on file and let you know of other opportunities.” There is a sinking feeling in your heart right? You ask yourself, “Why didn’t I get picked? I must suck at this or I’m never…

Hi, my name is Ben G and I wanted to give aspiring designers tips on changing careers and making it to the Silicon Valley! User Experience Design can be a brutal field to enter into if you are unprepared. I experienced much disappointment and regret in my career path. However, when you succeed, the feeling is overwhelming and exciting! Previously, I was a contract UX Design Lead at Gap Inc. GID division. Currently, I am an Experience Designer on the Marketing Cloud team at Adobe.

1) Start learning Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator– Ok, as a designer you need to have…

Ben Ginger

Interaction Design @Google Previously designing @Apple, @Twitter @Facebook @Adobe @GapInc. http://benginger.co

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