“MacBook Pro with images of computer language codes” by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash

One of the nice things about building a SQL interface into your data system is that there are all kinds of tools and patterns for re-using the queries across those tools. Perhaps the most famous is the .sql query file.

There is one usability pattern that I love because I think it fully simplifies the user interface by which a data analyst can execute the query. The analyst should just need to execute the file (in the unix sense).

Usually you might make use of a .sql file via something like psql -f query.sql, but here we are just…

After setting my personal site, bengo.is, up in a fit of indieweb-inspiration in May, it quickly fell into disarray. I was hosting on Google Cloud , but after awhile my debit card expired, I accrued a balance due, and they shut down my project until I paid up. Fair enough.

I had set it all up in a really complicated way as an excuse to play with kubernetes, so it unnecessarily used three VMs that were costing $30/month anyway, which I didn’t want to pay for. So I let it go…

With a personal domain refusing all connections, I attended…

Benjamin Goering

Freelance Software PM/Eng. Open. Stoic Situationist Hacktivist. ♥ reading, philosophy, open web, (un)logic, AI, sports, and edm. Kansan gone Cali.

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