How to get influencer marketing right, using Payflic

Let’s face it — influencer marketing can be hard.

Using influencers is crucial in promoting brand awareness and increasing sales on social media.

Everyone has heard the term ‘Influencer marketing’ but many give it a shot and see poor results and either give up or burn cash in pursuit of achieving Gym Shark level success.

The most common causes of a failed influencer marking campaign are:

  • Budget; Influencers can be damn expensive, some are literally thousands for single posts
  • Brand fit; It can be hard to find the ‘right’ influencers who share your brand values.
  • Influencers have no accountability for actual results produced.
  • Countless times I’ve heard the stories of influencers asking for free products and scarpering with the loot never to be heard of again.
  • You need to vet the right influencer.
  • See if they have the right audience for you.
  • And you often get stuck with doing manual outreach.
  • And worse yet, you have to do manual tracking.

But, influencer marketing can also be insanely profitable

Whereas major ad platforms like Facebook has skyrocketed in cost.

That’s why we created Payflic,

Payflic to the rescue!

Payflic is a social commerce platform and influencer marketing automation tool all rolled into one. It reduces friction in each part of the social commerce chain, from promotion to purchase. Its allows consumers to simply screenshot media on any platform and quickly purchase items using Apple/Android pay in seconds. For merchants, it makes influencer marketing simple and affordable by exposing your product range to a network of social media influencers who work on a commission basis only, you only pay when they sell.

This model gives influencers a sense of accountability for sales produced, due to this they will only work with brands and companies that are a good fit and resonate with their audience.

You can also send free merch, this is done simply using the messaging service build into the platform, each influencer has a rating so you can make informed decisions on who to send free stuff to, to avoid those pesky freebie fiends.

See what I did there, Payflic has been built to solve the key pain points e-commerce merchants face with influencer marketing so you too can capitalize on influencer marketing in an insanely profitable but also easy to manage way.

So back to the topic at hand,

Let’s run through the 3 key steps to making Payflic’s influencer marketing tools work for your business and brand.

1. Making your offering appealing to influencers

The first (and probably most important) step to take to make sure you get the most out of Payflic is to ensure your offering is compelling to Influencers. Follow the steps below to complete this task.

You need to set your commission rate at an appealing level, typically somewhere between 18% — 25% works well. To do this login to the Shopify Payflic app and go to the account settings view (link located top right of the main dashboard)

Under the ‘Account settings’ column click the ‘Edit’ link

Then simply enter the desired commission rate into the ‘Commission rate’ text field. Once you’re done make sure you click the ‘Update’ button to save your changes.

The next thing to do is edit your profile. In the account settings view, under the ‘profile’ tab upload your company logo and enter a brief description, this can be done by clicking the ‘edit’ link underneath the brief description textbox.

Ensure this brief description encapsulates the essence of your brand, think of this as your Instagram bio. The information you input here will be visible to influencers, this is the only place they will get see what you are about, so make it great! Again, once you’re done make sure you click the ‘Update’ button to save your changes.

Be sure the rest of your account settings are filled out correctly, this will prevent any issues whilst using the Payflic service.

2. Create your own Payflic media to boost your products in the Payflic portal (The place where Influencers select products to endorse)

Payflic’s algorithms promote top-selling products by ensuring they sit at the top of the Payflic portal, this is because we want influencers to endorse products that have a proven track record of achieving sales. So, what’s the hack to get your products featured at the top of the Payflic portal? Create your own Payflic media and sell via your own social channels. Not only will this increase your revenue, but it will increase the number of influencers who endorse your products. Follow the steps below to complete this task.

From the main menu, click the ‘Product library’ link.

This view displays all the products you have exposed to the Payflic portal.

Click the ‘Add to bundle’ button on up to 5 products from your product range.

Once you’ve made your selection, click the ‘My bundle’ tab at the top of the view.

Once on the ‘My Bundle’ tab, locate the textbox underneath the products you have added to your bundle, enter a name for your new bundle and click the ‘Create Bundle’ button.

This will generate your new Payflic code that can be added to any media. Simply hit the download button

attach to any media using video/image design software and share across your social channels. Don’t forget to mention in each post that customers should download the Payflic app to buy.

Note: Each Payflic code you create is saved in your barcode library, this allows you to attach existing Payflic codes to new media and view basics sales statistics.

3.Reward and engage with your top selling influencers

This process is important as your top selling influencers have made a real effort to grow your brand and will have a keen interest in building a relationship with you. It’s literally a huge shortcut to finding Influencers who have the perfect brand fit and capability to sell your products. Giving them the acknowledgement they deserve will also increase your popularity with other influencers in the Payflic network.

To find your top selling influencers simply view your profile tab inside the Shopify app. The top five selling influencers will be listed out.

To view their profile and reach out to them, click on the influencers name

Scroll to the bottom of their profile and click the ‘Send message’ link.

This will open the message centre up, the place where you can manage messages and free item requests between yourself and Influencers. In the chat window, express your gratitude and offer the Influencer some free loot, this will encourage them to post about you on their own channels further increasing your brand across new audiences.

Some other great tips to get the most out of Payflic and boost your influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Make an effort to find and reach out to influencers via the PP, don’t just rely on inbound interest in your brand. You can message as many influencers as you like from the Payflic portal. Use this platform to express your offer and explain your brand values.
  • Let influencers do their thing, don’t try and control the content creation process. After all their audience engages with their content, your brand should fit their values and aesthetic around the influencers creative process, not the other way around.

In conclusion, Influencer marketing is just like every other marketing channel, you need to test what works for your brand and once you find it, go all in. Payflic takes out the guesswork and cost of learning.

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