You’ve decided to embark on the journey of physical retail. Now you need to decide how to handle your customer base. Should you chase the latest trends in an effort to capitalize on high customer turnover rates, or should you try to cultivate a loyal base of repeat customers. …

Customer Lifetime Value predicts how much a customer will be worth during the entire relationship with that customer. Understanding the implications of acquiring long term long-term customers as opposed to short-term is important to just about anyone who is trying to sell something. Here’s why:

CLV And Customer Acquisition

The Pareto Principle States that…

For online merchants, joining online communities is one of the most helpful ways to gain and offer support to other merchants who are experiencing, or have experienced, the exact same challenges that every online merchant goes through when they are launching or maintaining their business. Having resources to go to…

Ben Goodenough

My Kids, My Business, The hustle. CEO & Founder of @PayFlic_ltd. Growth hacker, Social commerce enthusiast.

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