Mr. Granby you still did not show that the Palestinian Arabs are the indigenous people of the Land…
Ken Gelnick

>>“As to the fact that Israel is not perfect agreed, but it is not an apartheid state like South Africa was there is no official bantustans etc.”

You are correct — violating human rights and international law isnt perfect. Actually, its a lot worse.

Do you even know what Area A, B, and C are under the Oslo Peace Accords (which Israel ceased abiding by after Taba in 2000)? Have you ever been to Palestine? Have you ever travelled between, say, Ramallah and Nablus? Bethlehem and Hebron? Go try and open a business in Gaza and see if Israel will let you import food to sell in the market. If those are Bantustans, then you don’t know what Apartheid means. I lived in Israel/Palestine for over five years, including during the 2nd Intifada. Until you see what day-to-day life is like under occupation then you really cannot tell me that Israel is just “not perfect.” This isnt about religion or race, its about human rights.

Even if you dont want to call the small patches of Palestinian autonomy Bantustans, it is still a foreign military occupation. Would you sit back and accept a foreign military power controlling your movement, economy and political rights? I wouldn’t.

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