Mr. Granby you still did not show that the Palestinian Arabs are the indigenous people of the Land…
Ken Gelnick

Being an “Arab” is not a race in itself. It is an identity born of a language. Just as, in a different manner, there are ethnic Jews who are not religious Jews. Hence, falling into a semantic debate here is useless. What most Westerners term as “Arab” is not strictly a clearly defined race at all. Its self-identification, which has nothing to do with religion either..

I will point out that if you look into genetic DNA testing done among the 12 different religious groups in Lebanon (part of Erzatz Israel), there was a study done showing strong connections to Phoenicians pre-dating Muslim conquest.

The point is, debating who “owns” land from thousands of years ago is a fruitless reductionist exercise. You predicate your argument that Jews own the land because some of them had ancestors there thousands of years ago.

Its not a logical fallacy — its a fallacy of modern international law on your part.

Lets drop the ethnic and religious terms and talk about human beings. You are trying to justify the conquest and explusion of people who owned lands and had (many still have) their property deeds dating back over 100 years before. You are justifying illegal activity.

If you want to talk about “War of self-defence” then you are delusional. proto-Israeli militias such as the Palmach and Haganah launched mass ethnic cleansing campaigns in 1946 to steal Arab lands and occupy them. It was called Plan Dalet. Im not even talking about the terrorist groups such as Irgun Levi and Stern game who did the same (and actually killed the most civilians of any single bombing in the history of Palestine at the King David Hotel.) These terrorist groups when on to perpetuate over 50 massacres of innocent civilians in order to scare Palestinians into fleeing. You may have heard of the Deir Yassin massace (or probably not because you clearly don’t know Israel’s history very well). These massacres started before any attacks by other Arab states (the Deir Yassin Massacre happened over a month before Israel declared independence.) Who was defending who?

Even if I relent the “who started argument”, you still have no justification for the expulsion, military occupation and systematic denial of human rights for hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

All Israelis are humans who deserve equal rights. All Palestinians are humans who deserve equal human rights. One group is occupying and dehumanizing the other. Until you accept this basis, you have no understanding of humanity, freedom or equality.

P.S. try reading some Israeli historians who don’t whitewash their history with racism, such as Benny Morris, Illan Pape, Norman Finkelstein or Judith Butler.