Palestinians are not indigenous to Israel, Palestinian is not even a real name for those people…
David Kenesie

Berbers are a Northwest African race with their own language. They never lived in Palestine. Not sure if you know what you are talking about.

Palestinians are a mix of a variety of Semetic races — some from southern Arabia, sure, but others who had been living there since the first peoples. By your reductionist logic, I could say that Moabeans, Caananites, Philistines, Edamites, Amalekites, etc. etc. have first claim to the land.

The author is referring to modern concepts of nationalism and identity. And in that regard, European Jews indeed occupied and are continuing to colonize land to which they have no property deeds except for the Bible.

Almost every Palestinian who was forced from their land can show property deeds dating back to before Zionism existed. Can any Isrealis? (a few, but a small minority).

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