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Skorecery is a local multiplayer sports-like game. Here’s an insider look at a new spell we’re prototyping — Mutefield.

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Hi! Over the last few months I’ve been working on Skorecery, a local multiplayer sports-like video game built around an exciting magic and mysticism theme. It’s been a really great project to be involved in, and the team and I are super excited to share with the world! ✨

In Skorecery one of our main mechanics is spells — powerful abilities that can turn the tide on the enemy in a moment. We think spells allow players to make impactful gameplay decisions that can drastically help to defend or attack their runes. I recently wrote about our process for deciding what spells make it into the game, to get playtested and to hopefully land in a release. In this post I want to share a look at a new spell, Mutefield.

What is Mutefield

The following description of Mutefield leverages our spell design process, and uses some terminology from that process. If you want to learn more about that, see our recent post!

MuteField 🌐 — ✅ ✅ ✅ | ✅ ⛔️

A set and forget Area of Effect (AoE) that neutralizes any opponent shot that passes through it. It will also drain opponents energy if they are in range, at a rate inversely proportional to their closeness to the center of the AoE.

Primary Traits

Targetable — Field is deployed at the position of the player when triggered. For balance purposes may have a warm up time before being activated.
Intentional — While its success-rate will be unknown at the time of deployment, the high target-ability of this spell means a player can very intentionally define an area of denial for their opponent.
Safe — Only affects the opponents.

Secondary Traits

Visual — Highly visual AoE would define the region that is hazardous to opponents.
Ball Mediated — Does not meet our criteria for ball mediation. This may potentially be a non-issue depending on the warm-up time for the spell and if the field forces opponents to drop the ball.


I’ll be building this spell live on stream on Sunday 1/28 @ 2PM EST. We’ll be covering some of the engineering basics necessary to understand how spells behave in Skorecery. After that, we’ll code this spell live. If that sounds like your cup of tea, please come say hi in chat!

If you’re as excited as we are to see Skorecery become a reality, follow along with us and learn more by visiting Further, If systems level thinking and product design is interesting to you (especially in the games industry), follow me on twitter!🚀

Update: 1/28 you can find the VOD of the livestream here. Here’s some gifs of the end result.

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