Train Jam 2018 — Meanwhile

Mar 28, 2018 · 17 min read
Train tracks, Photo by Paul Jarvis on Unsplash

Wednesday 3/14

“I hope I downloaded everything we’ll need. I have Unity, its documentation, and some assets. That should be enough, right?”

Thursday 3/15

“This year’s theme is Odyssey! An epic journey or long wandering voyage.”

Rough draft level design for 100 Year Nap
The room layout, from

“I’m not sure we can make time scrubbing work and create all the level content we need to have the mechanic shine.”

Friday 3/16

Rock formations next to the train along the Colorado river

“Daaaa duh duh da, duhhhh daa daa daaaaaaaa. Dammit!”

Saturday 3/17

End of Train Jam photo, from IndieTrainJam

Runs best at 600x800. For an added bonus, try speed mode by picking a higher resolution.

Sunday 3/18

Title screen for our game, Meanwhile
Gameplay from our game, Meanwhile

In Conclusion


Thanks to Molly Walter


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I make awesome things | currently @microsoft (@azure) and @coplayfm | sometimes I hang with @msftgarage

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