Global Movements

Modern advanced communication devices such as the Internet and social networking have altered how general citizens interact with government organizations. Studies have suggested that social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can improve the exchanges and relationship with the government and other relevant political figures. The development of social media has provided the government with new opportunities to engage with its citizens from modern society. Government organizations and key figures within the government use social media in order to improve and be more efficient with general citizens. Political organizations use social networking as it is a more enhanced communication channel between a country and its citizens as it can reply to individual inquires in a more timely fashion and addition, the government receives positive recognition for their effort in assisting other individuals. In Addition, various politicians around the world use social media such as Facebook and twitter in order spread information about their upcoming events. Various research studies have suggested that political figures and political organizations primarily used Twitter for campaigning, advertisement and self promotion purposes.

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In my view I tend to agree with Clay Shirky interpretation of digital media as he explains his examination of the changes that occur when individuals socialize with each other. Shirky mentions “Because in the history of particularly the Western world, when communications tools come along and they change how people can contact each other, how they can share information, how they can find each other”. Clay theory of communication methods in the media also applies to the printing press, telephone and radio platforms.

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